Studio's History


For 37 years, the community of professional artists from Studio in a School has been teaching visual arts to hundreds of thousands of New York City children in under-served public schools, daycare centers, and community-based organizations.  They bring quality art workshops where our children explore their creativity and learn the joys and benefits of making art.  Their programs offer learning for Pre-K through college, including internships for high school and college students.  Studio is a nationally recognized leader in arts education.


Our Resident Artist Chelsea Manifold conducts two yearly family art night where students are able to share their love of visual arts with their parents.  

School Wide Exhibitions

Studio in a School hosts two annual Exhibitions in the school to display students' best artwork.  One show is held in December and the other in June.

Quality Arts Instruction

Our Resident Artist works closely with a parent volunteer to provide our students with the widest array of experiences within the arts world.  Inter curricular connections are also made to academic content to help students see real world connections to the arts.

Visiting Artists and Museum Exhibitions

Our students are fortunate to have famous artists come to their class to share with them the experiences that leads them to create their works of arts.  Also, our students have the opportunity to have their pieces be part of installations in art shows curated by our Resident Artist, Ms. Chelsea.  Our students' work has been exhibited in the New York Public Library, the Asia Society as well as Christie's Auction House.